Connector systems

Amisco offers a wide range of connectors to be used in combination with our coils and pilot valves.

The connectors are rated to offer protection to IP 65 (complying to IEC 60529) that means reliable performance when exposed to fluids and dust, when correctly assembled with the gaskets and screws which complete the package. In the catalogue you will also find special models that fulfils the requirements of the IP67.

A mechanical spring offers a secure and robust assembly between the contact holder and coil terminals. 

In the product range you will find optional solutions which include connectors with transparent housing, versions with diodes, varistors or capacitors which offer overvoltage protection. Should you require further information then, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

connector_2024.png connector_2024.png

Product features:

  • Robust design with wide space to facilitate cable assembly to the contact
  • One piece contact insert secured by spring loaded lugs
  • Protection spring between fixing screw and contact to prevent conductor damage during assembly
  • Fixing screw end stop to prevent curvature and damage to the housing when assembled
  • Visible external tampo print for identification of circuit type and voltage

The Amisco connectors are produced by a leader manufacturer for these products.