Standard Pneumatics

Amisco has completed its range of products developing different kind of coils for potentially explosive areas (zone 1 and 2, 21 and 22 – group II - category 2 and 3), that fulfils the requirements of directive 2014/34/UE.

explosion_proof.png explosion_proof.png

All coils feature:

  • heat resistant bobbin moulded with 30% glass filled thermoplastic polyamide or polybutylene terephthalate
  • class H wire 200°C according to IEC 60317-13
  • built-in magnetic yoke made by low carbon iron
  • encapsulation with high quality specially designed glass filled nylon
  • for category 2 product, a special thermal-fuse is integrated in the coil for the protection of the system.

The coils can be equipped with the suitable plunger guide tube or even in combination with a complete pilot valve. In this case refer to 22mm 30mm pilot valve system catalogue. The coil is fastened to the solenoid operator by means of a knurled nut, for ease of change over without interrupting the pneumatic circuit.