Standard Pneumatics
15 mm - Pilot valve

The 15 mm pilot valve has been designed and developed by Amisco as a logical evolution of the traditional product range manufactured for the pneumatic application.

The 15 mm solenoid valve is designed for those applications, more and more common on the actual market, where besides high performances in terms of pressure and flow, minimum dimension, very low power consumption and high reliability even at high cycling rates are specified.

This system is designed for use with air. The solenoid valve is composed by an encapsulated coil joined to a plastic valve body made by PPS. The assembly is not detachable.

15mm_2.png 15mm.png

All the 15mm pilot valves feature:

  • heat resistant bobbin moulded with 30% glass filled polyester (PBT)
  • class H 200°C copper wire according to IEC 60317-13
  • encapsulation with high quality specially designed glass filled polyamide (PA6.6)
  • stainless steel guiding tube
  • plunger and core made by magnetic stainless steel specially designed for solenoid applications.

The pilot assembly is designed for more than 50 million cycles. The valve is normally equipped with FKM seals and monostable manual override, and it can be delivered with a specially designed seal and screws for its assembling on the main valve units.

The coil is designed and manufactured according to EN 60204.1 and VDE 0580 and it’s suitable for industrial ambient conditions. For use in different ambients with high humidity, take contact with Amisco. Copper and plastic materials used are UL-Listed.

Different electrical connections are available. The configuration of the valve unit can be with the pneumatic ports on the same side of the electrical connections or on the opposite side. Pneumatic connections are located in the valve body. The Amisco 15mm pilot valve is suitable for the use of subbases or the assembly in batteries, for common pressure and exhaust location.

The electrical part of the pilot can be manufactured and marked UL for Electrical Insulation System. Pilot valve can be supplied and marked EAC for use in Russian Market. More details about UL and EAC certification can be given on customer request.